Geox Amphibiox

An interactive documentary, packaged as a ground-breaking POV experience, that enables the viewer to road test Geox's Amphibiox shoe in the rainiest place on earth -- Cherrapunjee, India.

The HTML5 site includes five videos, filmed during monsoon season in Cherrapunjee, featuring real-life Amphibiox "testers" who were recruited via Facebook. Swiss photographer Claudia, Venice tourist guide Andrea, Spanish lawyer David, and English snowboarder Rob tested the shoes for a week in extreme wet weather. Viewers enter the site navigate their own way around the streets of Cherrapunjee to find the testers. They can then click on them to watch the film content and find out product information.

We built the site to work on as many devices as possible by making it responsive. We followed the principles of progressive enhancement to ensure users on devices without JavaScript, Flash or with smaller screen sizes have a decent experience. We worked towards viewport-size and resolution independence. And we tried to ensure the website is as usable on a touch device as it is with a mouse.​